A Wild Goanna Got Loose In A Bunnings Yesterday & Customers Had No Idea

Welcome to Bunnings Australia, where you can get a sanga while you shop and see the wildlife in the store.

Yep, a Bunnings in West Ipswich, Queensland had something of a goanna problem yesterday, when one of the lizards got loose in the store and nobody could bloody find it.

“It had come in on a pallet and they spotted it earlier that day, and it had managed to get away in store,” a local, who does not wished to be named, told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“So they didn’t actually know where it was, just that it was in there somewhere.”

According to the woman, store management kept the whole thing on the DL, briefing staff to keep an eye out for the goanna but not informing customers.

A separate Bunnings employee confirmed to P.TV that a goanna had indeed been inside the store yesterday, but a manager adamantly insisted to us that they had no comment whatsoever.

We don’t know how big this goanna was, but certain species can grow up to 2.5-metres in length. They usually run away when confronted by humans, but have been known to attack (especially when there’s food involved), and when alarmed will sometimes mistake a human for a tree, attempting to climb the person using their strong claws.

We also don’t know how long this goanna remained in store, but we can assume / hope that the critter at least picked up a sausage sanga and a 2-speed hammer dill before going merrily on his way. 

Photo: Bunnings.