Bulk Farts Forced A Singapore Airlines Flight Into An Emergency Landing

The world of aviation has not exactly been without mysterious incident in the past 18 months. Still, nothing could prepare the pilots of Singapore Airlines SQ-7108 for the events of October 26. Nothing at all.

Leaving from Sydney on route to Kuala Lumpur, the plane was somewhere north of Australia when the smoke alarms activated. Warning sirens trumpeted. Noxious gases had infiltrated the cabin; in an instant, the crew took stock of the situation, and diverted the plane to Bali, just squeaking to safety 45 minutes later.

It was apparent the plane’s passengers were behind the emergency detour. Cruel, callous and with a herd-like mentality, those onboard SQ-7108 attacked the only way they knew how. 
With farts. Obviously. 
The Daily Telegraph let it rip today that the accumulated methane output of the plane’s cargo – 2,200 live sheep – was so overwhelming that it caused a real, professional team of aerospace experts to collectively nope out and ditch the flight plan. 
We can only imagine the horror. It’s not like you can just open a window on a flight, either. Thankfully, the crew were unharmed. No word on the sheep, though; hopefully, our greatest Aussie exports are out there somewhere, having an absolute gas. 
Story via Newscorp.
Image via Airliners.nl.