A Security Incident Is Currently Unfolding At Sydney Airport Onboard A Malaysian Airlines Flight

A security incident at Sydney airport is currently underway leaving all flights stopped.

As per 9News, an individual was allegedly threatening staff onboard a plane that had to be turned around this afternoon.

The incident is currently underway on Malaysian Airlines flight MH122, the plane took off at 1.40pm and landed back on the runway after a “mid-air emergency” at 3.47pm.

Fire trucks have been called with the plane currently sitting stationary at the end of the runway.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) were called to respond to the incident and meet the plane on arrival back in Sydney.

“The AFP is responding to an emergency incident at Sydney International Airport,” an AFP spokesperson told 9News.

“An update will be provided at an appropriate time.”

It is understood that flights into and out of Sydney airport may be impacted by the incident.

This is a developing story and we will update when we know more.