Woman Dies After Being Partially Sucked Through Smashed US Airline Window

A woman has died after being partially sucked out of a passenger jet window, following a catastrophic engine failure on a flight between New York City and Dallas.

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 was forced to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport yesterday after a jet engine component came loose and smashed through a window in the 17th row.

Witnesses report a female passenger was nearly pulled through the window, and that others nearby were forced to pull her back inside the cabin.

Passenger Marty Martinez told CBS News the passenger appeared to be dead when she was pulled back inside and collapsed in her seat.

Seven other passengers were treated for minor injuries as a result of the engine failure and subsequent landing.

Martinez took photos and video footage of the incident, and used a Facebook Live video to capture the immediate aftermath.

149 people were on the plane at the time.

This incident is the first fatality due to an accident onboard an American passenger flight since 2009.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Bureau are investigating the incident.