For those of you New South Welshmen who are lucky enough to only just be coming back from your Chrissie break, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Hot air blasting from Australia‘s centre will turn the state into a big ol’ furnace for the week.

Buckle The Hell Up NSW, ‘Cos This Week Is Going To Be Scorchin’ Hot

Sydney will be spared the worst of it – with temps remaining between the high twenties and mid-thirties for the majority of the week. Which is still pretty hot, tbh. So you’re not totally off the hook.

But if you’re in Western Sydney you’re probably not loving it right now. It hit highs of 36 degrees on Sunday, and will reach 38 degrees on Monday, 35 on Tuesday and 38 degrees again on Wednesday.

If you live up in the northwest of the state – and we’re praying for you – it’ll hit 45 degrees by Friday. 45 degrees. That, by my estimation, is far too hot and possibly even illegal.

This is all feeling like a repeat of 2016 – we hit a similar heatwave around the same time last year. Stay hydrated, folks.


Photo: Along Came Polly.