Alleged Party Animal Bruce Lehrmann Evicted From $4M Sydney Pad, Forced To Couch Surf Instead

CONTENT WARNING: This article mentions rape.

Accused rapist and alleged party animal Bruce Lehrmann is yet again on the hunt for another place to haunt after he was evicted from his friend’s bougie North Sydney sharehouse. Turns out that “wild parties” and an army of press are not exactly ideal qualities of a tenant.

Lehrmann is currently awaiting the outcome of his defamation case against Channel 10 and Lisa Wilkinson, after the broadcaster aired Brittany Higgin‘s allegation of being sexually assaulted in Parliament.

While she did not name him in the interview, Lehrmann argues there were enough details to identify him. He strenuously denies the rape allegations, and a criminal trial into the allegations was aborted due to juror misconduct. The charges against him have seen been dropped.

Lehrmann moved in with his mate Paul Farrell after Channel 7 stopped paying for his $2000/week rental in the Northern Beaches.

At the time, Farrell thought he was doing a favour for a friend — but now he reckons letting Lehrmann move in has “ruined his life”.

“I’m renting this place and had a spare room,” he told Daily Mail Australia, “but it’s basically ruined my life with all the photographers and journalists hanging around.”

In even more bad news for Farrell, it looks like the two will have to find another place to shack up. The landlord of the $4.1 million rental — which has three levels — reportedly saw pap photos of Lehmrann throwing “horrific parties” online and then kicked them both out.

“I wasn’t aware at all,” she told Daily Mail Australia about Lehrmann living at the property.

“I am disgusted. Bruce is gone and Paul will be leaving too.”

She said she was “disgusted” by photos of the parties, which show bottles of alcohol and barefoot girls at the property.

Farrell told The Sydney Morning Herald that he only offered for Lehrmann to stay a few days, and was furious to come home from work to a full-blown party at his house.

“I came back and had to sort it out,” Farrell said.

“I’m quite upset, I felt I was able to help. But I came back to this. I’m ropeable.”

Other residents of Lehrmann’s street told the tabloid they were also fed up with the parties. Some accused the partygoers of holding irritating karaoke nights, swearing loudly, and generally making a ruckus outside in the early hours of the morning.

“It’s not loud music, it’s mostly carry-on with the girls shrieking and screaming along to Tina Turner,” one neighbour said.

Another complained of cars parked on footpaths and blocked driveways.

Lehrmann, who is unemployed and studying law, is reportedly now couch-surfing until he finds a new place to stay in.

Daily Mail Australia spotted his car in the city, which reportedly held “all his worldly possessions” that amounted to “piles of towels, Woolworths freezer bags and Ritz crackers.” Add a roast chook and a stained yellow pillow, and that’s all a single man in Sydney needs to survive I reckon.

The outcome of Lehrmann’s multi-million dollar defamation case — which accuses Channel 10 of damaging his reputation and career — will be handed down next week.

I guess we’ll soon know if he’ll have the money to get his own place — or if he’ll be looking for another friend to stay with.

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