Why does art become even funkier when it’s displayed outside? I don’t have the answers, I only have the facts.

Which is probably at least part of the reason why The Culprit Club, Brisbane Art Matriarchs (BAM!), Brisbane City Council, and Griffith University have colluded to showcase Brisbane’s biggest display of women’s street art at the Outdoor Gallery Exhibition WOMEN’S WORK, right now until August 26th.

Ten leading local female artists will take over ten different laneways around the city, bringing Brisbane to life with their large-scale art. You can find full details here.

One of the talented ladies involved is Brissy-based illustrator and creative collaborator, Alex Saba, who sells her work under the name Lusid Art.

“I do think there’s a noticeable difference to women and men creating in Street Art specifically,” she told us. “There’s competition, and backing yourself (to make sure you get paid) and your reputation’s at stake. I think with initiatives like BAM! it’s breaking down those barriers and misconceptions.”

“There’s no competition, or comparison, we just have the amazing opportunity to share our work as a collective and support and celebrate each other in the process.”

If you haven’t seen the eye-catching glamour of Alex’s art yet, here’s a treat for you:

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I don’t know who this woman is (except that I’m low-key convinced it’s my co-worker), but I want to know her and her effortless glamour. Where does Alex draw her inspiration?

“I know a lot of people can say nature and music etc. – and while all of that can attribute layers and detail to my work – the journey really inspires me. Greatness and progress inspire me,” she explains.

I am really inspired by people like Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga and Alison Wonderland who I have watched constantly work to reinvent themselves and raise the bar. That’s how I’d love people to experience my work.”

As a fun coincidence, given the nature of WOMEN’S WORK, Alex’s work tends to focus on the female form. Drawing out the beauty and the funk even in small details.

“I think women are just incredible. They are god-like creatures. They are so transformative and have a way to connect with everyone on some level,” she says.

“As I’ve continued to create and I guess [having] grown up with illustration, I’ve come to see women in a whole new light and continue to be amazed by what they can give to the world, and I that’s something I want to illustrate more of.”

“Alongside the Women’s Work exhibition, I’ve also been co-curating an exhibition called Praise You which celebrates body positivity and women supporting women, so it’s something I personally try and embody on a daily basis.”

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“A real stand out for me was a piece [above] I re-created for the #drawthisinyourstyle Instagram challenge. I used Elrosabel’s original artwork as a reference and recreated the piece in my own style.”

“I had SO much fun creating it and it was the most colourful work I’d done – it was totally different yet still my work which was very rewarding. I just loved every second of it and it made me realise I wanted to make a conscious effort to have more fun when creating my works. When I look back at the piece that’s what I’m instantly reminded of.”

Who else should you put on your ‘must-see’ list during WOMEN’S WORK? Well, all of them obviously, but three other artists in particular really caught Alex’s attention.

“When I found out who I was in the project with I was very excited as I’m a big fan of Courtney BrimsMosessa and Tori-Jay I’ve followed their work a number of years so to be included in a lineup with them was very exciting.”

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