Botched Beauty Procedure At Syd Clinic Was Nearly Fatal, Court Hears

After news yesterday that a woman had been charged in relation to a customer going into cardiac arrest at a Sydney beauty clinic, the story has gotten significantly odder.

It turns out that the customer in question was in fact the owner of the Chippendale salon, Jean Huang, and the woman who has been charged was Jie Shao, a tourist from China with no Australian medical qualifications.

It is unknown why Ms Shao was performing the breast implant procedure, though is it alleged that she knew Ms Huang through a friend.

Ms Huang is still in unconscious and in a critical condition. “If she does [survive], it’s anticipated she will have some degree of brain damage,” police said in a statement of fact before the court.

It is alleged that the wrong dosage of anaesthetic is what led to Ms Huang’s medical episode.

Jean Huang. Source: Facebook.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ms Shao’s solicitor wrote in a bail application that she had completed a five-year degree at Guangdong Medical University and specialised in dermatology. The prosecution says that she has no medical qualifications recognised in Australia and is here on a tourist visa.

Ms Shao has been charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and administering a poison. She will reappear in court next week.