Manslaughter Charges Added After Botched Sydney Beauty Clinic Procedure

Jie Shao, the Chinese tourist accused of administering a fatal dosage of anaesthetic to a patient during a breast augmentation procedure, has received the upgraded charge of manslaughter.

The Central Local Court today heard that Shao, 33, will face that charge in addition to charges of recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm and using poison to endanger life, after the death of Chippendale beauty salon co-owner Jean Huang.

It’s alleged that Shao, who was not authorised to practice medicine in Australia, miscalculated the anaesthetic dosages provided to Huang during the August 30 procedure. Huang, 35, suffered a cardiac arrest, and was rushed to hospital. She died two days later.

Huang was the manager of the newly-opened Medi Beauty Clinic, where the procedure took place.

Shao remains in jail, and was refused bail due to her flight risk status. She will face court again via video link next month.