SYD: A Sultry 70’s Club Is Coming To The Cross In Kit & Kaboodle’s Old Digs

Ahhhh, Kings Cross.

To anyone born before 1990, a walk down the X brings with it Ministry of Sound-underscored memories of being young, dumb and full of raspberry voddies.

To the rest of us, it’s kind of like that one mate who sticks around at kick ons for too long, way after the party is over, reeking of piss and stale kebabs.

We have the lockout laws to thank for leaving the once-mighty Cross in the lurch, but like Shannon Noll, John Farnham and Kylie Minogue before it, this Australian icon might be headed for a comeback thanks to the opening of a brave new venue.

Boogie Mountain, a new rock club “inspired by 1970s hedonistic cults of the Arizona desert” is opening next weekend in the space that used to house the infamous Kit & Kaboodle.

And as anyone who has traversed those stairs a few years back will attest, ‘mountain’ is a very fitting name indeed.

The place has a distinct Almost Famous vibe, with red velvet couches, neon lights, mirrored splashbacks, disco balls and hidden timber-panelled nooks throughout:

“We wanted to create a space that celebrated what Sydney was always about. A youthful loss of innocence, a sense of adventure, simple pleasures and free spirit,” says creative and concept designer Byron Georgouras.

“Sydney is an awesome city, with some great places to go out and we just wanted to be contributing to that.”

It wouldn’t be a proper ’70s throwback without some unapologetically garish drinks, and they’re slinging them in spades. Sucking back a Sex On The Beach or a Piña Colada is probably the closest you’ll get to reimagining the night your parents conceived you:

The bit we’re most here for, though? The grub. And it looks friggen goooood.

They’ve got generous-sized balls of arancini, sweet potato fries, chicken schnittys and a decadent lobster poutine on the menu, so you can keep up sustenance before John Travolta-ing your dick off to Talking Heads on the d-floor.

They’ve got a genius ‘lock-in menu’ too that starts once the main menu stops as well. Offering cheeseburgers, fries and apple pies delivered directly to your table, there’s no need to stumble out the venue out for a greasy HSP.

Thursdays are vinyl only with ‘all you can eat poutine’ from 6pm – late, and Fridays and Saturdays kick off at 8pm through to 2am (lock-in till 3:30am). The joint officially opens April 20th at 8pm.

C u there.