New information from the Bureau of Crime Statistics shows that violence in Kings Cross in Sydney hasn’t really stopped or even lessened between the 1:30am lockout and the 3am last drinks rules.

Shockingly, Lockout Laws Ain’t Doing Much In Kings X Between 1:30am & 3am

Don Weatherburn from the BCS said that the same lockouts have had a noticeable effect in Sydney’s CBD, but not in Kings Cross. 

“Both of them (lockouts and early closing) worked for the CBD, only one worked for Kings Cross.

Kings Cross had a 94 per cent drop (in assaults) after 3am. The short story is Kings Cross got its principal benefit out of hours after 3am.”

This info follows the impressive 180 performed by Police Association president Scott Weber, who said last week that the group would now consider changes to the lockout laws depending on evidence. He also said they’d consider the calls to have NSW’s blanket 10pm bottle shop law changed. 

So, this new information has sparked the possibility of changes to the Kings Cross lockout time, and changes to bottlo closing times; both of which could happen after the government review ends in August. 

A spokesperson for NSW Premier Mike Baird said this:

“The Premier will await the outcome of Ian Callinan’s review of the laws. 

The review is considering the relevant statistical data relating to alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour to inform its findings.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

Photo: PEDESTRIAN.TV / Chloe Sargeant.