In Fkn Horrifying News, Workers At A Melb Hospital Office Stumbled Upon A Literal ‘Bone Room’

bone room eastern health

In absolutely horrifying news, workers at a health agency’s corporate offices in Melbourne mistakenly found a “bone room”. Yes, they literally happened upon a room with a bunch of human bones in it. The worst part? Nobody knows where they came from…

So how the heck did this all happen?

In the admin building of the Box Hill Hospital, a nurse educator found” two clinical waste bins, a plastic specimen container filled with a brown liquid, a small fridge which was on and appeared to be the source of the leak, and dry bone fragments inside a plastic bag” back in February per The Age.

So far this is sounding like a horrific combination of Scooby-Doo and Law and Order and quite frankly, I’m not a fan.

A couple of days later, a doctor at the hospital identified the bones as being from a human skull.

The so-called “bone room” has since been referred to the Coroner’s Court where it is currently being investigated.

Coroner Lauren Bedggood said police “attended the bone room and found that the scene had been cleaned and the remains placed within yellow hazardous waste bins,” she said per 7News.

“A plastic bag containing unknown identified material was also located within the freezer section of the fridge.”

To make matters worse, the investigative team believed the remains may have been from more than a single person.

“Here we have remains, and understand that they are remains from a number of individuals … and all are unidentified,” Paul Lawrie, another coroner working on the case said.

Great, so, basically everyone’s worst nightmare. Got it.

Eastern Health, the company that owns the building, has since stated the remains were purchased from The University of Melbourne in 2014.

The university has denied this.

“We’re hoping perhaps some of the former staff may be able to point to some other records, there might be some personal records that have been kept,” said Karen Cusack, a lawyer for Eastern Health.

“The search for the records has turned up nothing.”

The public health body has since hired a private investigator to further investigate the incident.

More to come.