We Asked Ppl About The Boldest First Moves They’ve Made & Where Do I Get That Kinda Confidence?
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Doritos to help share your bold moves.

Fortune favours the brave, my friend. In life, you gotta make things happen because life won’t make things happen for you. Allow me to share some tales of sheer confidence to inspire you to take action in your life — because you deserve to grab what you want with both hands, baby.

To hell with what the world may think — do you and do it well, because nothing comes close to the rush of truly embracing what you want to do free of the fear of judgement of others.

OK, maybe a few things in life top that rush, but it’s still pretty neat. Speaking of neat, Doritos is helping people celebrate their own bold moves by rewarding them with free Doritos — all you gotta do is upload a public post or public reply on Facebook, TikTok or Insta showing your ‘bold move’ and tag ‘#paywithbold’. Then, Doritos will sling you some tasty snacks. Lovely. T&Cs apply*.

Now, on with the show.

Aaron, 30

“I was working in retail once, I had to go to the other side of town to a store and suburb I wouldn’t typically visit. I had this strange sense of body confidence that day and had some chemistry with a guy who worked there. It was when Carly Rae Jepsen‘s ‘Call Me Maybe’ was popping and it happened to be playing in the store that day. At the end of my shift, I decided to get some receipt paper and write ‘hey this is crazy and I just met you, here’s my Facebook, add me maybe’ and then I gave it to him and proceeded to run to my scooter without looking back. I was worried about the rejection and awkwardly bumping into him again but I thought it’d make for a funny story. He did end up adding me and we went on an amazing date.”

We Asked Ppl About The Boldest First Moves They’ve Made & Where Do I Get That Kinda Confidence?

Matt, 34

“I wrote an unhinged cover letter once and I had no idea how it would land. It included a distorted image of TV’s French Stewart and is an absolute rambling mess but it worked because I got the job.”

Ellie, 27

“As a shy gal, I’ve always preferred to write down my thoughts instead of say them out loud because I get tongue-tied or my brain blanks when I speak in front of people. One day I was sick to death of being like that and signed up to an improv class to try and counteract it. It was my idea of a waking nightmare and I didn’t even tell anyone about it because I was so embarrassed lol. When the day came I forced myself over the threshold and by the end of that class, I was walking around the room pretending to be a cat and yelling in front of people!”

Jasmine, 26

“I once worked in a cafe in Melbourne and the Frankie magazine office was two streets away. I got to know a few of the women from the office (in a regular customer way). I was in uni at the time and knew I wanted to work in magazines/media. I worked up the courage to ask one of the women if I could do an internship at Frankie, even though it was super daunting because I barely knew these people and thought they might judge me. Turns out they didn’t take interns at the time but by working up the courage to ask, (even though I was nervously shaking), I landed the internship that started my career!”

Jaymie, 28

“I once scrunched up a dirty receipt I found on the ground at a club and piffed it at a guy I thought was cute — we dated for two years. It’s so nerve-racking to put yourself out there when you’re single, but I still think there’s no better way to meet someone than IRL, so may as well leave an impression!”

We Asked Ppl About The Boldest First Moves They’ve Made & Where Do I Get That Kinda Confidence?

Alex, 27

“I asked Delta Goodrem out for a drink when I was 18 and working at a pizza bar and still in the closet. Lol. I was kinda shaking and terrified because she was… Delta Goodrem… and I was just a lil baby but I just thought ‘you’ll never get this chance again, be bold, go for it, don’t be scared of judgement’ and she ended up being super lovely. She said ‘no’ but ‘I’ll have a drink with you here!’ and sat at the bar for a limoncello shot with me. I can realise now that I never wanted to date her… I  was just obsessed with her early 2000s music.”

Get some inspo and check out others bold moves on the Doritos TikTok page and head to the website to learn more.

*AU res aged 18+. Ends 5pm 9/1/23 (Sydney time). Limit 1 entry/day, 2 entries across the promotion. The first 1,143 entries received each week (1,142 for the final week) will receive a $5.00 supermarket egift card towards Doritos. Full T&Cs at www.doritos.com.au/paywithbold.

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