PSA: Leave Your Wallet At Home Bc You Can Now Pay For Your Doritos With ‘Bold Moves’

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Two great things in this life have joined forces: snacks and BOLDNESS, baby. 

Yes, cheesy chip connoisseurs Doritos are helping Australians to embrace their bold moves. 

‘What on God’s green earth is a bold move?’ I hear you ask. 

Simply put, a bold move is a moment where you’ve overcome a fear of judgement, show that amazing self-expression of yours and are your true self (in a positive manner, of course). 

It’s an action that helps you share your self-expression and gives you that rush or ‘flow’ state (as so aptly put in the Disney Pixar classic, Soul). It’s being a triangle in a world chock full of squares.

Who doesn’t love a bold move? It’s being the first on the dance floor (and then proceeding to dance to a One Direction song like no one’s watching). It’s sharing your unique hobby with others, (when you’re not sure of what they’d think of it), and even having the courage to call out all that gross stuff like homophobia, racism and prejudice when you see it.

But, PSA, sharing your bold move isn’t about being the loudest in the room (or on the internet), and it definitely isn’t making fun of others or engaging in the much-loathed ‘bro’ humour. 

Let’s be real, in this day and age we could all do with a bit of boldness and share more of the good stuff. That’s why Doritos is helping people to celebrate their own bold moves. 

So, how do you enter?

To enter, simply upload publish a public post or public reply to a post on Facebook, TikTok or Instagram showing your ‘bold move’ and tag ‘#paywithbold’. Then, Doritos will sling you some tasty snacks. Paying for Doritos with your bold moves? Sign me up. 

Get some inspo and check out others bold moves on the Doritos TikTok page and head to the website to learn more.

AU res aged 18+. Starts 9am 21/11/22 ends 5pm 9/1/23 (Sydney time). Limit 1 entry/day, 2 entries across the promotion. The first 1,143 entries received each week (1,142 for the final week) will receive a $5.00 supermarket e-gift card towards Doritos. The 10 most inspiring entries will receive 231 Doritos multipacks (6x19g packs) over a year. Find the full T&Cs here.