This Unhinged Rental Ad For A Home Near Byron Bay Has Unaligned Every Single One Of My Chakras

An image of Hannah brauer looking shocked next to snippets of a bizarre rental ad for a home near byron bay in the northern rivers

Sometimes I wonder just how accurate Netflix’s Byron Baes was in its depiction of certain people’s ~spirituality~ but trust me, even our beloved Hannah could not have cooked up this wild rental ad.

James Mchenery, who fittingly owns a natural remedies business, shared a rental ad via Facebook of a three-bedroom house on a four-month trial lease in Myocum, near Byron Bay.

If we’re deciphering this ocean of presumably-organic waffle correctly, he was offering tenants an “opportunity of a lifetime” to… work for the landlord for free?!

“For those who thrive within time constraints and see beyond perceived limitations,” the ad began. I’m already cringing.

“We are able to extend the lease once if it can be proven we can source extra finance through the property for the owner.

“The vision is to execute events/experiences built on adventure, personal growth, health [and] self expression that have a promising financial return.

“These income generating events are a thrilling opportunity and the condition of the lease extension.”

weird northern rivers rental ad
Source: Facebook

Before you ask — no, the ad did not offer any payment for tenants who make extra money for the landlord. Their only compensation would be getting their lease extended, even though they would also be paying rent on top of all this.

But wait, the ad gets even wilder. Turns out there are some very specific characteristics tenants must meet.

Apparently tenants must have “a gift for creating beauty and magic from 0” and be “ready to give everything away they thought they knew and owned” to “create something new and very special”.

It then said if anyone was “thrilled” about waking at three in the morning for “high intensity training” like “sitting in an ice-bath” for “optimum creation capacity”, this ad is for you!

The ad claimed to be a “one way ticket out of mediocrity” where you can “flush that potty tissue of a life less than what you know is possible down the toilet of yesterday”. Poetry.

Naturally, people were pretty fkn gobsmacked by the audacity of the rental ad.

“Asking potential tenants to work for them for nothing by generating business for them, that’s slavery as far as I’m concerned. The ad is really weird,” one commenter said.

“Sounds exploitative,” said another.

Honestly, the scariest part to me is the dawn ice-bath.

James McHenery has since clarified to that tenants don’t have to do all that stuff.

“There’s no expectation, there’s merely an opportunity here to have a lease extension if we can source the owner some more money,” he said.

“I’m just really looking for like-minded people who want to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, and they’re interested in facilitating experiences that support others to feel empowered.”

Um, can we normalise not creating free money for your landlord even if it is optional?! Shelter should be a right, not something you have to earn through free labour.

The worst part is apparently McHenery has already had several applicants to his ad. Sigh. Don’t get exploited, people!