Bit Windy Out In Sydney, Aye?

Everyone in Sydney is thinking the same thing right now: it’s a bit bloody windy out, don’t ya reckon?

Honestly, though. It’s windy enough that a I saw a blokes headphones blown clean off his head while he was walking down the street. That’s some anecdotal evidence for you.

The NSW Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for the city and surrounding areas, and travellers have been warned to expect delays on flights thanks to the battering winds. “We’re expecting damaging winds with wind gusts in excess of 90 kilometres an hour in some places,” BOM duty forecaster Rob Taggart told the ABC.

Qantas confirmed that about a dozen flights had been cancelled, with alternative flights being scheduled.

It also seems the wind is causing train delays, too. A train has been stopped on the Harbour Bridge reportedly thanks to wooden planks being dislodged and landing on the tracks.

Apparently this’ll keep up too. A big southerly swell is expected on Saturday and Sunday morning, too. So try and keep your bloody hats on, please.