There’s Abject Chaos Across Aus RN After Airlines Cancelled Dozens Of Flights At Sydney Airport

Sydney airport cancellations

If you’re based in Sydney, I really hope you’re not planning on jet-setting anywhere today because a heap of flights have been cancelled, causing huge queues and disgruntled crowds throughout Sydney Airport.

More than 50 flights have been called off due to strong westerly winds which are blasting up to 70km per hour. To make matters even worse, Sydney Airport is suffering from a severe shortage of air traffic controllers because a bunch of them are off sick.

Take this as yet another warning to go get your flu shot.

A spokesperson from Sydney Airport told the Daily Mail Australia that more flights out of Sydney will be organised to occur throughout the day using their east-west runway, which is apparently less windy than their north-south runways.

“Sydney Airport has been advised by Airservices Australia that single runway operations will be in place today due to strong winds,’ the spokesperson said.

“As a result, there are some flight delays and cancellations. Airlines are working hard to re-accommodate passengers and get them on their way. If passengers have questions regarding the status of their flight, we encourage them to contact their airline.”

With the NSW school holidays kicking off officially tomorrow, travellers are pretty upset and stressed by the disruption.

Thankfully, conditions are reported to improve by this afternoon and travel will slowly get underway once the airport staff can facilitate it.

Godspeed, my friends!

(Image Source: Getty / Steven Saphore)