The Big Brother 2021 Cast & Crew Have Been Evacuated Due To A Nearby Fire & Oh No, Not Again

Well the cast and crew of Big Brother 2021 have been hit with some pretty bad-luck, being evacuated after just one day at the BB house, due to an out of control fire in Manly.

According to The Daily Telegraph, a planned hazard reduction burn-off on Sydney’s North Head has turned into a huge emergency as the fire jumped containment lines, putting the Big Brother contestants and crew at risk.

Around 200 people have had to leave the area as strong easterly winds pushed the fire over containment lines near Blue Fish Point.

BB‘s production team messaged crew to say that “due to a backburn fire at North Head the decision has been made to postpone filming tonight.”

“Production will notify you as soon as possible of details, but at this stage it is rescheduled for same time tomorrow night. Apologies for any inconvenience – we will be in touch soon.”

The first night of filming for Big Brother season 2021 apparently took place last night and other housemates were due to enter the house tonight.

It’s not the first-time the Big Brother house has been affected by fire, in 2019 the abandoned BB house on the Gold Coast was deliberately set alight. Six children were arrested, four of those were aged between 11 and 15 and were charged with arson, the other two nine-year olds involved were released.

BB was shot at Dream World on the Gold Coast for 11 seasons until its cancellation in 2014. After the cancellation, the house was left in an abandoned and decaying mess.

This year the BB house was reimagined for a brand new season located in Manly, NSW.

At the new location, there are 65 cameras, including GoPros. The set was built in 50 days with a focus on sustainability, using sustainable plantation timber and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

I think it’s fair to say the Big Brother house is officially cursed.