Big Brother Housemate Talia Rycroft has vehemently denied claims made by former Bachelor In Paradise contestant Paddy Colliar and her ex-boyfriend Louis.

Colliar appeared on reality TV podcast, So Dramatic! Podcast, where he claimed that he dated the Big Brother Housemate before she entered the House.

“We caught up many, many times, basically hooking up. It went on for months,” Paddy claimed on the podcast. “We were talking up until she went into the Big Brother House, like everyday, literally before she went on the plane”

Credit: Big Brother.

He says he was “blindsided” after he was told that Talia “had a boyfriend that she was living with in Adelaide.”

“[Talia’s boyfriend] rocked up at my mate’s house and basically said ‘let’s just go in a room and sort this out’,” he alleged. “We talked it out and I could not believe the stuff that was coming out of his mouth and I’m sure he wanted to punch me in the face and then I just showed him messages. I’ve never felt so bad in my life, I felt so low. Obviously I had no idea, but I felt so bad.”

He even claimed that Talia’s boyfriend got a restraining order out on her.

At that point, the podcast host got him to call the dude and he clarified that while he did not get a restraining order, he said that he once had to call the cops as she was allegedly stalking him.

He recounts one alleged incident where she followed him home and he was “a bit terrified” as she was tailing his car and “swerving all over the road.”

But when he spoke to the police, he claims they refused to help as they did not believe his story.

Speaking exclusively to Pedestrian.TV, Talia denies the account from both blokes and claims she and Paddy “never ever ever ever dated” and that they were “actually really good friends.”

“I went to him for advice on Big Brother because he was on Bachelor In Paradise,” she said.

“I’m not into Paddy, I never ever liked Paddy. I went to him as a friend and he’s kind of really hurt me. I still love Louis. Everything that happened with Louis was a miscommunication,” she continued.

Paddy and Talia. (Credit: Instagram)

Talia claims that her ex-boyfriend knew that she was mates with Paddy and although “he did question it at the time,” he was fine with it. Then when she and Louis went on a break prior to her going into the Big Brother House, she says she “kissed Paddy once” but insists they never officially dated.

She also claims to have told Louis about the kiss.

“When Louis found out that I had kissed Paddy, he goes ‘Are we still together?’ and I said ‘No’, and he didn’t let me explain that it wasn’t when we were together, it was when I wasn’t with him.”

She added, “I have messages from Paddy saying ‘Hi, I miss you, I want to be with you’, even after all that kind of stuff, so if I really wanted to fuck them over, I could.

“[Paddy] was spamming me and spamming me, saying ‘Let’s catch up, please’, ‘cos I had a huge argument with Paddy in Melbourne. I said ‘Please stop, you’re only using me for Big Brother’. And he only moved to Adelaide for me.”

She also alleges that Paddy moved to Adelaide to be closer to her.

“He said he moved to Adelaide because of COVID and because I was here so it would make it easier for him and I was like ‘What the fuck?’ It’s just bullshit.

“Paddy is really rolling with this whole fame thing and he’s roping Louis into it,” she added.

She also addressed the alleged stalking incident, labelling it a “misunderstanding” as she said she lives close to him.

“My house is literally right near his house and I parked my car in front of his car because me and my friend went to get ice-cream.

“Then I got in my car to drive home as he was heading home from his date. I never followed him. I had no idea they were there.”