Here’s What Aussies Can Do To Help People In Lebanon Affected By Today’s Huge Beirut Explosion

The first thing a lot of us saw this morning when we woke up was the immense and devastating explosion that tore through Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, which has now seen at least 80 people killed and approximately 4000 wounded at the time of writing.

This explosion at the capital’s seaport is the latest in a line of issues for Lebanon, which has been experiencing deep political unrest, crippling economic crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic on top of it all. The country is quite literally on the edge of collapse, and a disaster in the capital city may possibly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It’s a moment where we tend to feel powerless to lend a hand all the way on the other side of the world, but here are a few ways we can help those affected in Beirut today.

How We Can Help People Affected By The Beirut Explosion In Lebanon

A very important thing to know about sending donations to Lebanon is making sure that all money is being transferred as “fresh” cash, using the new exchange rates from US dollars and British pounds. Make sure the recipients of your donations are withdrawing the money this way, as donations converted at the old exchange rate translates into a much lower donation at the other end.

1. Lebanese Red Cross

For the moment, the Lebanese Red Cross is the best place to send money, and they’re actively accepting monetary donations from across the world to help boost resources for disaster relief after the explosion. You can make donations through the website or the Red Cross app – and you can choose either a one-off or a monthly recurring donation.

2. Life Lebanon

Life Lebanon is also raising emergency relief funds, in a continued effort to provide basic food security and medical support for over 5000 families across Lebanon, including Akkar, Tripoli, Sour, Mount Lebanon, and Beirut. At the time of writing, this initiative has raised nearly $900,000.

3. Donner Sang Compter

Though we cannot give blood directly to where it’s needed in Lebanon, we can help support places like Donner Sang Compter, who help match up potential blood donors with patients in need.

4. Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank is also taking donations in US dollars and British pounds, and help to provide meals and nutrition education to many families and people in need across the country.

5. Help Lebanon

There are a bunch more places to send donations from abroad to help support people in Lebanon affected by the disaster crisis, including funding for medical supplies to be brought in, give funding to students living in Lebanon who have had their bank accounts frozen, funding for various food banks, and emergency relief funds for domestic workers.

You can check them all out over on the Help Lebanon website, and make sure you know how your money is being used and withdrawn by the beneficiaries.