Huge Explosion Rocks Lebanese Capital Beirut, Killing At Least 50 And Wounding Thousands

More than 50 people have died and 2,700 were injured after an enormous explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut, the nation’s health minister has confirmed.

Citing senior Lebanese officials, The New York Times reports the Tuesday afternoon blast occurred at a depot used to store highly explosive materials.

What caused the blast is not immediately clear.

“What happened today will not come to pass without accountability,” Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said.

“Those responsible will pay a price for this catastrophe.”

One Australian died in the blast, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced this morning.

Residents of the port city were shaken by a smaller blast in the moments before the final explosion.

Camera phone footage show smoke rising from the waterfront, before the second explosion destroyed nearby buildings and sent a powerful shockwave through the city.

ABC states there were reports of damage to structures 10 kilometres from the blast.

More to come.