43 Dead, 200+ Injured, In Beirut Terror Blast Claimed By ISIS

The death toll from two suicide bomb attacks in Lebanon‘s capital city, Beirut, is rising with every hour: at the time of publishing, it stands at 43 dead, with more than 240 wounded.
Extremist group ISIS have claimed responsibility for detonating the two blasts minutes apart, with blombs ripping through a community centre and nearby bakery in the Borj al Barajneh area during peak hour in the PM.
In a statement posted on Twitter [P.TV have chosen not to publish it], IS said its members detonated a bike loaded with explosives and, when people gathered, another suicide bomber blew himself up among them. 
The official version of events differs slightly, with a Lebanese security source saying the first attacker set off his explosives vest outside the community centre, while the second detonated his explosive inside the bakery.
An apparent third suicide bomber was found dead nearby, wearing an intact explosives’ belt.

A fourth would-be bomber who was captured BY CIVILIANS (video below) and taken into custody allegedly told investigators he was “an ISIS recruit”, and that he and the three other attackers had arrived in Lebanon from Syria two days ago to carry out the deplorable act.
Islamic militant group Hezbollah, which controls several neighbourhoods of southern Beirut, has been fighting alongside the armed forces of Syrian president Bashar al Assad.
Beirut has been targeted by Sunni extremists over Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria in the past, but this attack is the first since June 2014. 
As the full extent of the attacks floods social media via disturbing photos and video footage, hospitals are struggling under the weight of the wounded.
More as the story develops.
Lead image via Getty.