WATCH: Tara Brown Gets Torn A Freshie Over Beirut Fiasco By… Tara Brown

60 Minutes‘ copped a lot of scrutiny over their part in the hot mess of a child recovery case they got stuck in in Lebanon but, other than an interview by one of their own presenters, they’ve not been really taken to task on live TV.

The Weekly‘ figured someone needed to step in to do the job, someone brutal and hard-hitting, that wouldn’t shy away from holding reporter Tara Brown accountable for the role she had to play in the pretty shit outcome for the children’s mother. So they got Tara Brown.
The ‘interview’ is footage from Brown’s interview with other ’60 Minutes’ reporter Michael Usher and pre-Lebanon footage of Brown pretty mercilessly interviewing someone else.
She doesn’t pull any punches, telling the other Tara:
“You kind of were playing in a grown up’s world without realising it. Your reality does not actually match reality.”

It’s the kind of unflinching, uncompromising confrontation we’d except serious journalist Tara Brown to give reckless international fiasco Tara Brown.
And it’s not only well deserved, it’s also fucking hilarious:

Photo: Youtube.