’60 Mins’ Kidnap Planner Makes Good On Threats W/ Explosive Beirut Tell-All

Adam Whittington, the operative behind the ’60 Minutes‘ kidnapping saga that happened in Lebanon back in April will now appear on Channel 7‘s ‘Sunday Night’ to take part in a tell-all interview. 
If you’re memory needs a jog: ’60 Minutes‘ conducted a failed operation to retrieve two children (who were living with their father in Beirut) for Brisbane mother, Sally Falkner
Channel 9 paid Whittington’s agency Child Abduction Recovery International (CARI) $115,000 in order for Falkner to regain custody of her child, but the operation did not work. 
The operation landed the entire group in a Beirut jail – Falkner, Whittington, his British accomplice Craig Michael, two Lebanese “fixers” named Mohamed Khaled Barbour and Mohammed Hamza, and ‘60 Minutes‘ crew Tara Brown, producer Stephen Rice (who was consequently fired and concluded his unfair dismissal claim yesterday), and production staff David Ballment and Ben Wilkinson
While majority of the group were bailed out of prison after just under 2 weeks, Whittington and his colleagues weren’t released until July
After spending months in jail, when Whittington finally left Lebanon, he ominously told press that he’d be telling absolutely everything very soon. 
“I’m just walking on the plane now, I really can’t believe it, it’s been a tough four months.

Finally, finally the the truth is coming out, very soon, don’t worry about that.”
And now, he’s coming through with that promise. 
Watch the trailer for the soon-to-be-aired program:
While reports are stating that Whittington has been paid between $750k and $1 million for his tell-all interview (as well as the 100k+ for the botched kidnapping originally), Channel 7 have confirmed in a statement that no payment has been made to him, his family, or any other party. 
Adam Whittington‘s tell-all on ‘Sunday Night’ will air on 7 on Sunday 11th September, at 8pm. 

Source/Photo: 7 Sunday Night