Barnaby Joyce Admitted To Accidentally Watching The Wrong Matildas Game & At Least A Win’s A Win

Former deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce has revealed he watched the wrong Matildas game over the weekend and personally, I would’ve taken that to my grave.

Whilst the rest of Australia was watching the Matildas beat France in the most stressful penalty shootout I’ve ever watched (read: the only penalty shootout I’ve ever watched), Joyce was celebrating what he thought was an easy win.

So what did the Nationals MP actually watch you may ask? Well, he was tuned in to the Matildas’ friendly match 1-0 win against France that was played on July 14th.

He even went as far as to post on Facebook that he was watching the history making quarter-final, but realised after a post-match dinner that he had actually watched an entirely different game.

The video posted to his socials at about 7pm on Saturday night, which was right as the Matildas were about to head into extra time, showed Joyce at the pub writing: “In every country pub, city club, suburban home they are doing this tonight. Watching the Matildas.”

“In Australia tonight, this is what’s happening,” Joyce said before panning the camera to a packed pub with the wrong soccer match on the TV and this is the funniest fkn thing I have ever seen.

You can even see in the grainy Facebook vid that the game is very obviously not being played at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium — which is where the actual game on Saturday was played.

Joyce was at the Commercial Hotel in Walcha, with pub staff telling The Guardian that yes, Joyce did in fact, watch the wrong match.

“We hadn’t even realised until today that it was the wrong match. The crowd didn’t notice either, it’s been news to us,” the staff member told the publication.

In a TV appearance on Sunrise on Monday, Joyce admitted he’d watched the wrong match, saying he went off for dinner after the game thinking the Matildas had won 1-0.

“I know it was an incredible penalty shootout which we never [saw] – we went and had dinner because we thought they’d won 1-0,” he told Sunrise host Natalie Barr.

“I went to the pub and watched them on the weekend, but I think we were watching the wrong game,” he added.

Joyce said he suspected something was going on, considering the pub was playing the match on Channel Ten and not Channel Seven, which has been hosting live coverage of every single Matildas game for the duration of the World Cup.

But Joyce didn’t think to question it in the moment — TBH I probably wouldn’t have questioned it either.

“I think they put on a repeat because it was on Channel Ten. I don’t think it was the right one,” he told Barr.

“Such is life.”

A spokesperson for channel 10 said they were not airing a replay of the match on Saturday night — so just how the pub and Joyce got their hands on an old game appears to be a total mystery.