Bad News, Sydney – No One’s Picking Up Your Garbage This Week

Some slightly stinky surprises for certain Sydneysiders this week. Your garbage isn’t going to be picked up until the weekend at the earliest.

Following a fatal accident in Adelaide on Monday afternoon, Transpacific – one of the largest waste management companies in the country – have made the decision to pull their entire fleet of Cleanaway vehicles off the road while safety checks are carried out, effectively suspending the collection services they normally run until the checks are completed.
The incident in question occurred late Monday afternoon, when a garbage truck ploughed into three stationary cars that were stopped at traffic lights in the South Australian capital. A 56 year-old male driver of one of the cars was killed, while two female drivers aged 41 and 49, and the 28 year-old male truck driver were taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in critical condition. The company is conducting checks on all vehicles in the event that the Police investigation into break failure proves finds mechanical fault.
The collection stoppage will affect residents in Parramatta, Hornsby, Bankstown, Canterbury, Hawkesbury, and the Hill Shire council regions.
If you’ve got a garbage day coming up either tonight or for the rest of the week, you’re advised to put your bins out as normal and leave them out until they are eventually collected. The company is prioritising garbage over recycling, so different bins may be collected on different days. The fleet is tentatively expected to be back on the road by Friday, but even then it will take days to clear the backlog of collection, so don’t expect your bins to be emptied anytime before the weekend.
In the meantime, I don’t know… garbage angels?
Photo: Sean Gallup via Getty Images.

via SMH.