Two VIC Kids Lucky To Be Alive After Being Dumped In Rubbish Truck, Driven To Cop Shop

Two kids in Melbourne’s north are lucky to be alive after the dumpster they inside this morning was emptied into a goddamn garbage truck.

Victoria Police state the boys, aged 11 and 14, jumped into the bin around 4am while allegedly hiding from security staff at a Broadmeadows shopping centre.

While they were allegedly evading detection, a waste management worker swung around to tip the dumpster into the truck, trapping the children inside.

At this point, it’s worthwhile clarifying exactly how dangerous that situation is. A Canadian man died last year after the dumpster he was in was tipped into a waste crusher; two years earlier, a Melbourne garbage truck driver also reported seeing a human hand amongst waste he dumped at a Hampton Park tip.

Luckily, today’s story doesn’t end in tragedy. Victoria Police state the truck driver’s next stop was “ironically” Broadmeadows Police Station, where the driver heard the boys yelling for help.

Officers assisted the driver in removing the boys, who were already known to police.

The kids were treated for minor injuries at the scene and were released without charge. We imagine being driven directly to the cop shop while covered in refuse is a strong enough incentive to avoid further dumpster antics in the future.