It’s an oft-used excuse, but today there’s legitimate reasoning behind it: Traffic was a particular bastard this morning.

Commuters in Sydney copped a particularly rude welcome back to work after the ANZAC Day public holiday, thanks to three separate multi-car collisions that caused traffic to snarl for as much as 16 kilometres in parts.

At around 7:30am this morning an ambulance van collided with both a garbage truck and another car on Warringah Road at Frenchs Forest, trapping two women inside the van. Emergency services attended the scene and freed the women, who were taken to hospital for checks. Meanwhile the garbage truck driver was treated at the scene for minor chest and neck injuries. The driver of the car was uninjured.

Less than an hour later, at least five cars got tangled up in a multi-vehicle prang on the Princes Highway near Waterfall, resulting in one car running off the road and into a bush, and the other four being strewn across the highway’s centre median strip. Paramedics treated four people at the scene, none of whom suffered significant injuries.

Then at 7am, two trucks and two other vehicles collided on the M7 at Prestons, trapping one man in his vehicle for almost an hour.

Emergency services worked to free the trapped man, who was transported to hospital with a leg injury. One southbound lane of the motorway was closed for at least two hours, resulting in traffic backing up for around 16km.

An emergency services spokesperson described this morning’s chaos as “hectic,” which is hellacious understatement if I’ve ever heard one.

All this just-so-happened to occur on the first day of the second NSW school term as well, because of bloody course it would.

Honestly, how the entire city managed to resist declaring a mass writ of “fuck this” before sodding off back home is beyond us.

Three Separate Prangs Caused A 16km-Long Traffic Jam In Sydney This Morning

Troopers. Every single of you.

Source: Yahoo News.