At some point someone in Hollywood really needs to come out and admit that they’ve simply run out of original story ideas. It’ll be ok. None of us will get angry about it. Hell, we’ve all known it for quite some time. It’s just that it’d be nice to hear it confirmed. Just the once. That’s all we want – a bit of transparency.

So with that said, here’s this: Martin Lawrence has formally announced that Bad Boys 3 is officially in the works. The third instalment that follows the really good original buddy cop film, and the sort-of ok sequel, is currently in the initial stages of production, and is on the verge of being greenlit.

Lawrence appeared on Conan to reveal the new movie, stating that producer Jerry Bruckheimer is pushing the project forward.

Though there’s absolutely no word yet about Will Smith‘s involvement, you’d imagine that the film wouldn’t be going ahead if he weren’t on board.

As for if director Michael Bay will return for a third dip at panning around stationary conversations to add to dramatic tension, it’s all a bit up in the air.


‘Bad Boys 3’ Is A Real Thing That’s Actually Happening

Photo: Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images.