Baby Reindeer: Lawyer Laura Wray Accuses Fiona Harvey Of Being Obsessed With Her As Well

British lawyer Laura Wray has accused Fiona Harvey, who the series Baby Reindeer is allegedly based on, of stalking and being obsessed with her. She says she was compelled to speak out after feeling “anxious and distraught” from seeing Harvey’s interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored.

In a 40 minute interview with the very same interviewer, Piers Morgan, Wray details her claim that Harvey harassed her for years after they worked together briefly. 

Fiona Harvey has come into the spotlight after the popularity of Richard Gadd’s semi-autobiographical Baby Reindeer release on Netflix, staying almost a month at the top of Netflix’s viewership rankings. 

Laura Wray and Piers Morgan. (Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored)

In the show, Gadd plays “Donny Donn”, a man who is stalked by an older woman called “Martha Scott” and as the popularity of the show increased audiences began looking for the person Martha is based on. Soon, accusations began being made towards Fiona Harvey — who has denied stalking Gadd and threatened legal action against the actor and Netflix.

Wray alleged to Business Insider that Harvey harassed her from October 1997 to May 2002. They worked together for two weeks at L&L Lawrence Solicitors before Harvey was allegedly fired.

During her interview, Wray told Morgan that Harvey “was dreadful, rude to staff. She shouted at people. She was inappropriate with a male member of staff.”

Wray further claims that Harvey “tried to follow a male member of staff home. I mean all sorts of things happened. She threw a book across the office and hit somebody with it.”

Wray was a senior partner at the law firm and was the one who asked Harvey to leave her role but, she says, Harvey refused.

“Eventually, my cashier and I had to march her out. And she stood there for at least half an hour screaming abuse,” Wray recounts.

It allegedly continued through leaving daily threatening voicemail messages, “Every day I’d come into the office, the answer-phone would be full of messages from her, all threatening, nasty.”

She also allegedly harassed Wray’s family and escalated to Harvey falsely reporting Wray to social services for abusing her disabled son, who was three years old at the time.

Eventually, the report was dropped against Wray and she was able to apply for an interim injunction against Harvey with the harassment ceasing shortly afterwards. 

Harvey denied harassing Wray and her family, in an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored in May.

It comes just as Harvey began proceedings to sue Netflix for damages of $170 million.