Aussies Deal Out A Whopping 73K Warm Fuzzies To Uber Drivers Every Day

Well isn’t this just a bit sweet. Today’s World Compliment Day and to celebrate, Uber Australia have released some groovy stats showing Aussies drop a whopping 73,000 compliments a day on their Uber drivers.

‘Cos sometimes a bloody good Uber driver can give you a bunch of much-needed laughs after a shit storm of a day and 5 stars just isn’t enough of a thank you.

Since unleashing the feature in June 2017, nearly a mammoth nine million compliments (8,754,250 to be exact) have been recorded, proving not all Uber drivers play dodgy music on the ride home.

In case you’re more of a say-thank-you-and-bye-bye type of person or always in a hurry, here’s how the feature works. So instead of just leaving the usual one to five star rating, riders have the chance to select a number of compliment badges and leave an adorable note because being kind to one another is badass.

According to Uber, the top five badges people selected were:

  1. Excellent service 
  2. Great conversation 
  3. Expert navigator 
  4. Above and beyond 
  5. Neat and tidy 

(I’m sure having a bottle of water available is in there somewhere.)

Annnnd, Uber also said 15 per cent of these Aussie compliments were awarded for great driver-rider convo which also proves some of our Uber convos go beyond: “So, you been doing this for a while?” Ah, sweet memories.

So in honour of World Compliment Day and quality Uber drivers around the world, here’s a whole bunch of them on Twitter. ‘Cos you know, where else are people going to share their experiences?

Firstly, please enjoy this Uber driver who avoided a potentially awkward filming situation:

And this saintly woman:

I mean, this has all happened to us at one point or another:

Also bless the wild ones:

And finally, Uber drives who know you don’t want to talk are the best Uber drivers out there.

Happy World Compliment Day everybody, you’re all very swell for reading this.