Jess Hart Just Ripped T-Swift With A Sassy Sweater I Now Wanna Cop

The feud between Australian Victoria’s Secret model Jess Hart and Taylor Swift might not be at the forefront of your radar, but after Jess MAJORLY shaded Taylor with a pretty freakin’ hilarious jumper, it’s safe to say that the war is back on.

Apparently, it all started back in 2013 when Jess made a sneaky comment about Taylor, saying the singer didn’t fit the Victoria’s Secret runway show that year. After she made those comments, many think that Taylor had her fired, as she’s never walked for the brand again despite seemingly having a fairly good relationship up until the incident.

Now, Jess is leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind about where she stands with Swiftie, via a pretty damn cute sweatshirt that she posted to Instagram.

“Four Letter Bad Word Taylor Swift”, lol sorry Jess, that’s not exactly subtle enough to spare you from the anger of the Swifties and as expected a whole bunch of people descended on her account with rat emojis and other messages that are slightly more… explicit.

Obviously, Taylor hasn’t responded to the photo yet but it’s certainly a hard pill to swallow for one of the most drama crazed pop singers in the world.

I for one am VERY excited to see how this plays out.