Aussie Blogger Says She Was Denied Entry To The Louvre Because Of Her Dress

Newsha Syeah

Australian Instagram blogger Newsha Syeh claims she was denied entry to the Louvre Museum in Paris because a guard thought her outfit was too revealing.

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Syeh, who has almost 240,000 followers on the social media platform, shared a series of Instagram Stories – since expired – explaining how a guard had stopped her at the entrance to the museum.

The influencer then says the same guard made the “most disgusted and horrible gestures and facial expressions” at her.

“[He] swore at me to cover up, with hate filled eyes, stopped me from entering. I was heartbroken, because I thought the Louvre enforced this archaic rule. Turns out…it does not.”

To follow, Syeh shared a screenshot to her Instagram Story of a travel blog’s guide which claimed the museum had no formal dress code.

Though there is no specific dress code, there are a set of Visitor Regulations available on the Louvre website. As far as clothing goes, the museum prohibits visitors from wearing “swimsuits, or be naked, bare-chested or barefoot”. 

The 25-year-old told The Sun that she had been to the Louvre before wearing a similar outfit and had “no problem at all”. 

“This was definitely a personal prejudice,” Syeh said.

As her followers flooded her comment section with words of support, Syeh shared a picture of herself in the dress with the caption: “Picasso would have loved my outfit”. 

The Insta blogger also thought it was “ridiculous to be offended” at an art gallery where the female body is celebrated in so many different ways.

Despite the drama, Syeh told The Sun that she was “welcomed warmly at Musée D’Orsay”. 

“So we were able to enjoy art the way we wanted to in the end!”