The Floating Louvre Museum Coming To Abu Dhabi Finally Has An Open Date

It’s been delayed a whole bunch of times (like, legit years), but Abu Dhabi finally announced the date it’ll be opening the doors to its very own Louvre.

Hell yeah folks, the art world’s newest holy grail will be ready for viewing from November 11th.

Fancy-pants art lovers, you’ll be tickled pink to know that the place is a total no-rules museum, and will feature religious artworks alongside ~tasteful nudes~ as well as more contemporary works.

Jean-Francois Charnier, scientific director of Agence France-Museums told Reuters that they had carte blanche (freedom to so whatever they wanted) on all the spaces within the giant turtle shell-lookin’ space, so they just went wild and got in whatever pieces they wanted.

There’s over 600 pieces ready for launch date, so absolutely set aside a solid day to wander through the exhibits, standing with your hand on your chin and humming “hmm yes, this is absolutely…art.”

Featured among the works are pieces from 10th century B.C. of an Egyptian funeral set, and a depiction of Madonna (not that one) and child from 10th century, among others.

The United Arab Emirates‘ version of the iconic French art powerhouse was designed by architecture practice Atelier Jean Nouvel, whose stuff you might have spotted around Sydney – they’re the brains behind One Central Park in Chippendale (that big tower covered in plants).

Tickets, givvus pls. I wanna get CULTURED.