This Red Hot Twitter Thread Points Out Every Social Media Marketing Error In Emily In Paris S1

Emily In Paris

Emily In Paris has taken the world by storm, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Throughout the first season, we’ve been able to get a glimpse of the humour and rom-com elements that the show has to offer, and while the series can get annoying at times, it is fully addictive.

Anyone who works in social media marketing may have noticed, however, that Emily does a few questionable things throughout the entirety of season one.

Thanks to some dedicated Twitter users, namely user @neonfiona (who works as an actual social media marketer), we now have an elaborate collection of every single inconsistency and inaccuracy that the show tried to slip by us.

Here is literally every single inaccuracy that was put before our eyes on Emily In Paris:

Those Weird Unedited Insta Posts + “Googling A Product”

Could you imagine trying to pass off your social media skills by saying you are proficient in Google?

Not in this universe.

Flights To The Virgin Islands KPI

This doesn’t really sound like the vaccine company would care about whether or not the Virgin Islands got more flights, but go off, sis.

The Whole Background In Pharma

Using The Client Image To Make A Point

Girl, you would be eaten ALIVE IRL.

Episode 3 Dramas

Please Respect The Client, Emily

Emily In Paris may have skipped the research on client liaisons.

A Fucktonne Of Influencer Annoyances


It bears repeating, MATTRESS IN THE LOUVRE?

So, Who Exactly Is Doing The Work Around Here Miss Emily In Paris?

Emily Going Through Literally Nobody To Make Brand Decisions

Emily Not Exactly Understanding How Business Works

Visiting Clients In Their HOMES

This thread analysing the show was created by Fiona Morgan, who you can catch here for all your IRL social media marketing needs.

Creator Darren Star has already revealed that he will be working on a second season of Emily In Paris after the first went absolutely gangbusters.

You can catch the first season, with all its social media marketing inaccuracies, on Netflix now.