Please Watch This Poor Attorney Navigate A Digital Court Hearing While Stuck On The Cat Filter

Attorney Cat Filter Zoom

My friends, it’s Wednesday. Hump day. What better way to spend the day than by watching an American attorney with a cat filter on his face struggle to turn it off during serious legal proceedings? There is no better way. Get ready for your whole week to be made.

Let’s skip on over to Texas, to a virtual court session in the 394th district. Judge? Check. Case? Check? Two attorneys? Yep, both of them are here. Cute cat? That too!

The only problem here is that there was meant to be three attorneys in this case, which was looking into a man trying to leave the US with contraband money. Attorney Rod Ponton, who stresses that he is not, in fact, a cat, appeared in the digital court case with the cutest Zoom filter over his face, and the moments that followed were pure joy.

The video of the court proceedings was shared by Judge Roy Ferguson, and shows Ponton struggle to remove the accidental cat filter as the others wait for him, so they can get down to business.

Everything about the video is gold. The guy on the left slowly putting on his glasses. Ponton’s enlarged cat-filter eyes looking to the right as he tries to return to normal. The judge being confused AF.

“I don’t know how to remove it. I’ve got my assistant here and she’s trying to,” says Ponton.

“I’m here live! I’m not a cat!”

I love it so much, please watch for yourself.

Thankfully Judge Ferguson was in good spirits about what went down, sharing the vid for all of us to see on his Twitter.

“IMPORTANT ZOOM TIP: If a child used your computer, before you join a virtual hearing check the Zoom Video Options to be sure filters are off,” he wrote.

“These fun moments are the by-product of the legal profession’s dedication to ensuring that the justice system continues to function in these tough times.”

Attorney Ponton has also made a comment about the incident, telling Vice a little bit more about what the hell went down.

“I was using her computer and for some reason, she had that filter on,” he said.

“I took it off and replaced it with my face. It was a case involving a man trying to exit the United States with contraband and contraband cash. All it was was a mistake. It was taken off and we had the hearing as normal.”

All of that is nice and all, but I’m just here for the funny man with the funny cat filter. If you’re a cat attorney reading this, hit me up, please.