Once again, a solid line of counter-demonstrators have proved that damaging anti-Islam propaganda won’t be spread without a fight. 

Following a satisfyingly anti-climactic anti-Islam rally held in Parramatta last night, a protest in Bendigo, Victoria has seen only minor scuffles break out between anti-racism supporters and anti-Islam protesters, as the latter have held a demonstration against the building of a new Mosque in the regional town. 

From reports emerging at the time of writing, the demonstration was beginning to wind down – after physical separation of the two groups was staged—on either sides of a bridge in a central Bendigo park—this afternoon. A standoff between the hundreds of protesters ensued.

Business Insider reports that the protesters, estimated to be in the hundreds, were made up of United Patriots Front toxic bigots members, the Australian Defence League, and Rise Up Australia. No Room For Racism was represented in the counter-protest group.

Judging by the former’s choice of chants, the UPF’s strategy included the kind of eloquent, relevant banter one might expect:

 According to The Age, counter-protesters were heard saying “Nazi scum off our streets” before leaving the demonstration at around 3pm this afternoon. 

The protest led by UPF stems from the approval of a mosque to be built in the town for the first time by Bendigo’s regional city council. 

While hundreds of police and a riot squad was deployed this afternoon in anticipation of violence between the two groups, no major incidents were reported. With this notable exception, mebbe:

via The Age. 
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