Following on from violent clashes between protesters, counter-protesters and police yesterday in Melbourne, where capsicum spray was deployed to disperse swelling crowds, a protest was held in Martin Place today – organised by controversial anti-Islam group Reclaim Australia.  

Melbourne’s rally attracted heated criticism over how police controlled crowds yesterday.

From anecdotal accounts, Sydney’s rally attracted far less violence than Melbourne’s event yesterday; regardless, a certain level of shit naturally went down. 

While Reclaim Australia supporters and counter-protesters were separated by a good few hundred metres on Martin Place by a police stronghold to curb clashes, the numbers between sides presented a huge disparity – some estimated anti-racism supporters outnumbered Reclaim Australia by at least twofold, with The Guardian Australia reporting that only “about 50” Reclaim Australia supporters were present. 

Three arrests were made at the Sydney rally, including at least one anti-racism supporter, according to reports. Despite some clashes between protesters and police, no major injuries were reported at the scene. Anti-racism supporters chanted “Nazi scum off our streets“. 

A group of Reclaim Australia supporters potentially missed the costume memo:

One old mate was really fucking confused:

No comment:

And some sweet ladies advocating for  & simply couldn’t be dealt with, tbh:

Other protests are being held in capital cities around the country today, including Adelaide, where someone had the audacity to needlessly bring Vegemite into the debate:

Counter-protesters in the nation’s capital chanted, “you’ll always lose in Canberra.” 

In Mackay, controversial Coalition MP George Christensen addressed the Reclaim Australia rally, despite strong calls on the PM to ban his colleague from attending.

 Arrests were also made at a rally in Brisbane

Dramatic scenes in Sydney:

That’ll do, Reclaim Australia. That’ll do. ‘Til next time.

via Guardian
Images by Mark Kolbe via Getty.