Yes, The “G’day Mate” MP Sexting Scandal Made It To Colbert

As a nation we are always very glad – sometimes overly so – when America pays us any heed. It’s like a little kid being chuffed when their dad watches them do a cannonball. Unfortunately, it is only in our most profound disgraces that senpai notices us.

Last week’s Big Yarn was the sad story of Andrew Broad, the Nationals MP and assistant minister to the deputy PM, whose incredibly clumsy sexts to a sugar baby were leaked to the media, basically ending his political career. I used the opportunity to demand a better quality of horny text from our elected representatives.

Well, they’ve noticed us. Stephen Colbert took his time to roast both Broad and Australia as a nation over the scandal on The Late Show this week. Behold:

Look, we’ll be honest. The material is pretty tired. “Shrimp on the barbie” gags in 2018? Come now. But maybe we deserve this kind of shoddy treatment.