WATCH: Stephen Colbert Couldn’t Get An Interview With Trump, Did One Anyway

As we all painfully adjust to a world that will very shortly usher in POTUS Donald Trump, it’s reassuring, in a sense, that America’s top comedian’s are still at it.

Samantha Bee was on fire as always discussing the terrifying new US Cabinet, Trevor Noah joked about fire, rioting and sex, and John Oliver literally blew this piece of shit year right the hell up
Now, Stephen Colbert has begun the likely very packed and very long parade of fake President Trump interviews with a stellar recut version of Trump’s 60 Minutes chat.
Colbert reportedly couldn’t get an interview with the actual President-elect, and that’s probably for the best because now we have Donald Trump confirming a) he has received a large wooden horse from Vladimir Putin and b) no there’s no reason to look inside before bringing it into America why would we have to do that?
As anyone who’s seen ‘Late Show’ recently, it’s kind of sucked losing “Stephen Colbert,” the proud, ultranationalist caricature, to Stephen Colbert, the fine if conventional David Letterman replacement. 
Luckily, this clip is closer to Colbert vs James Franco than Colbert vs Actual Donald Trump in terms of rock solid burns. Take a squiz below.
Photos: CBS.