An Adelaide Club Will House Live Hammerhead Sharks & Punters Are Maaaaad

A nightclub in Adelaide has decided that the small bar scene that’s evolving grandiosely in SA is not really their jam. In fact, they’ve decided that they prefer the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Hitting the ridiculous end of luxury is getting difficult in these pesky first-world countries, so Nathan Buttigieg and his team are building what sounds like the most fkn insane nightclub of all time. It’s called Atlantis Lounge Bar.
Here’s a list of things that Atlantis will have:
  • A 2.5m champagne fountain
  • Acrobats
  • Gold plated toilets
  • An onyx wall 
  • The “world’s largest” Agate bar worth more than $450,000
  • A chauffeur service for VIPs 
  • Champagne bottles priced from $15 to $100,000.
Did we forget anything? Oh, right yeah: AND AN 25,000L AQUARIUM WITH MOTHERFUCKING HAMMERHEAD SHARKS IN IT
Buttigieg said to The Advertiser that it will be a “wow factor for Adelaide“, but not that many people are stoked on the idea. In fact, thousands of people are pretty pissed right now. 
A petition has been created to stop the installation of the aquarium, and has garnered 37,000 petitions at time of publication.:
And every post the club makes on their Facebook page is met with extremely negative responses:
Oh, we forgot to mention: at later stages Buttigieg is also seeking approval for a swimming pool and a helipad. So, just a low-key place. Y’know, super chill
If you’d like to sign the petition to try to help stop the the installation of the infinity aquarium at Atlantis Lounge Bar in SA, you can here:
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Photo: Ullstein Bild / Getty.