Who Is Hammerhead On The Masked Singer & Are They Actually Auditioning For The Block?

Who Is Hammerhead On The Masked Singer & Are They Actually Auditioning For The Block?

Out of all the contestants competing in Masked Singer Australia season 2, I reckon Hammerhead is probably the easiest one to wrap your head around. They’re a hammerhead shark dressed in a hi vis vest with a tool belt around their waist. Clue or no clue, I think we can make a couple of educated guesses here. Let us begin.

All The Clues We Know So Far

Clue #1: “I’ve never started a fight but I always nail them in the end.”

In another Hammerhead teaser, Masked Singer captioned the post: “This masked celeb is surfing his way to The Masked Singer Stage.”  HMMM.

The obvious guess is someone from a lifestyle / reno show like The Living Room or The Block. But the belt and vest could be a red herring. This is the Masked Singer after all. They could be someone from Shark Tank, you never know.

The People Most Likely To Be Hammerhead

About half of the Hammerhead guesses I’ve seen floating around the internet are, you guessed it, Scott Cam. I personally do not think Hammerhead is Scott Cam, that’s just low hanging fruit.

If we pick at the “surfing” comment, Hammerhead could be surfing legend Mick Fanning. Despite being quite literally attacked by a shark in the final of the 2015 J-Bay Open, Fanning has dedicated his time to giving people a better understanding of why sharks act the way they do.

In an interview with Tracks from earlier this year, Fanning opened up about his work with filmmaker Taylor Steele on the doco Save The Shark for National Geographic Australia. Fanning casually swum with “giant hammerhead sharks” before the interview.

“It’s a personal journey for me to reconnect with sharks in a more friendly manner,” Fanning said.

“I want to aim to get a better understanding of what really happened to me in J-Bay.”

Guesses aside, comedian Urzila Carlson will replace Lindsay Lohan on the guessing panel this season. She’ll join the usual lineup of Jackie O, Dave Hughes, and Dannii Minogue.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres August 10 on Channel 10.