Everyone Is Convinced The Wizard On The Masked Singer 2020 Is A Neighbours Star

Everyone Is Convinced The Wizard On The Masked Singer 2020 Is A Neighbours Star

Hands down, the Wizard is the sickest costume we’ve seen on The Masked Singer Australia so far. The costume simply rules! I didn’t even care about their clue at first because I was too busy admiring the hat, the cape, the eyes, all of it. But who is Wizard? Let’s suss, shall we?

All The Clues We Have So Far

Clue #1: “My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice, but who’s having the last laugh now?”

Look, you can’t just whack “neighbours” into a celebrity singing show clue and not make us think, well, Neighbours. 

So I’m thinking Wizard is perhaps an actor or singer turned comedian. OR, Wizard is a Neighbours star who is now known as a singer.

The People Most Likely To Be Wizard

It’s got to be a Neighbours star, either current or former. I know that’s obvious, but when you think about how many Neighbours stars there are, it becomes a very hard guessing game.

I just don’t know where to begin. The pronoun in the caption above could be a red herring for all we know, so Wizard could be anyone.

They could be Holly Valance, who started her acting career on Neighbours as Felicity Scully, before going on to release her first album in 2002. Although, she is based in London / LA, and I don’t know when Masked Singer was filmed… re: the pandemic.

Perhaps Wizard is Jason Donovan, who first starred as Scott Robinson on Neighbours before achieving fame in the music industry. But again, I don’t think he’s based in Australia so that might be a problem.

Wait, actually, according to Donovan’s Instagram he was back in Melbourne earlier this year. OOOOOOOOO. Guess what’s filmed in Melbourne? MASKED SINGER.

Wizard could also be Toadie (Ryan Moloney), which my colleague Cam Tyson is very, very, very sure about.

I might just wait for more clues. The pool of possible candidates for this one is just far too big right now.

Big bloody sigh if the “neighbours” bit turns out to be the red herring.

Anywho, comedian Urzila Carlson will replace Lindsay Lohan on the guessing panel this season. She’ll join Jackie O, Dave Hughes, and Dannii Minogue.

The Masked Singer Australia premieres August 10 on Channel 10.