Conspiracy theories are delicious, so long as you don’t take them seriously.

Whether it’s speculation that the moon landing was fake, that the Illuminati controls the weather or that 9/11 was an inside job, no one does crack pot conspiracy theories quite like the United States of America.

And today, folks, we’ve got a freshie.

It all started with Jennifer Lawrence gracing the September cover of Vogue.

She’s pictured posing aboard a boat in a red silk gown, in front of the State of Liberty, looking every inch a Hollywood glamour.

The cover was one of four that celebrated the 125th edition of the historic magazine. The September issue is known as the biggest deal in the fashion mag calendar: it’s the most hyped issue every year, and as the infamous 2009 documentary of the same name proves, a shit tonne of planning goes into it.

And despite the fact that these images were taken way back in June, a far-right columnist has interpreted them as… a timely dig at the White House.

Brietbart News Editor John Carney has taken to Twitter to post about the cover, explaining that he sees it as an “attack” on Republicans:

(If you prefer to research and keep abreast of memes rather than American politics and have no idea who Carney is / what Breitbart is, it’s a far-right opinion and commentary website that routinely publishes misleading stories and conspiracy theories.)

Carney elaborated on how it’s a slight in a second tweet, which has now been deleted. Here’s a screenshot:

yes john apart from being a world-renowned photographer i’m sure annie leibovitz is a mind reader and knew this was gonna happen 2 months in advance

Carney’s referring to the heated press conference exchange between White House senior adviser Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta, where the two men argued over what the Statue of Liberty stands for.

Despite the inconsistency of his theory’s dates and times, Carney’s hypothesising continued in series of salty tweets and retweets:

Retaliation came in thick and fast, providing a sweet antidote to Carney’s clear misunderstanding of how magazines work:

And finally, Carney capped it all off with this definitive answer to what’s cool and what’s not in the world of innernet slang, à la How Do You Do, Fellow Kids:

And I guess that’s how the Cuckie crumbles.

Source: The Cut
Image: Vogue.