An Illustrated Tribute To Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Catching Fire’ Magazine Covers and High Fashion Editorials

In the increasingly desperate bid for your attention and disposable income, art and marketing departments alike will deploy every means possible to persuade you to volunteer your tribute and shill your precious metal. 

Smack bang in the middle of the fictive Venn Diagram illustrating the most persuasive dream asset at the disposal of both publishing and press houses is Jennifer Lawrence: a regular gal just like you from Louisville, Kentucky, whose wit, charm, global goofball appeal, #flawless face and high fashion credentials are a safe bet for those wanting to sell advertising space, put bums firmly on the edges of cinema seats and quell surges of rebellion in outlying districts.

But like a tween plucked from the reaping, not all magazines featuring Jennifer Lawrence were created equal, thus necessitating the following illustrative guide to the every high fashion editorial and magazine Jennifer Lawrence has graced the cover of in the lead up to Thursday’s Australian premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, beginning with the Holy Grail of promotional juggernaut covers: American Vogue.


If we learned anything from The September Issue – and I think we all learned a lot – it’s that Grace Coddington is, without question, the greatest living stylist. That’s an irrelevant albeit fun fact, because Tonne Goodman actually styled this shoot heralding the beginning of the Catching Fire junket. This one’s a real coup for J-Law; her first Vogue September Issue cover was shot by flamboyant Brazilian image maker Mario Testino and features romantic Fall looks from Louis Vuitton, Rochas, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana and the best perennial Fall accessories – Dawgs. If it were a Hunger Games Tribute, it’d be Finnick Odair: golden, strong, flawless – an all-American winner.

Photo: Mario Testino, styled by Tonne Goodman via Fashion Gone Rogue


Across the pond, Jen is currently featured on the cover of and in a stunning editorial inside the November Issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, shot in incredible chiaroscuro by Ben Hassett and styled in high-fashion lewks from Christian Lacroix’s one-off collection for the House of Schiaparelli alongside haute couture from Christian Dior, Armani Prive, Valentino and Alexis Mabille by IRL Sinna, Julia van Boehm. If this dream editorial were a Hunger Games Tribute, it’d be Johanna Mason because she’s pretty dark and chic in the movie. I haven’t actually read Catching Fire yet, so ¯_(-_-)_/¯. 

File this one under: 

Lawrence, Jennifer

Life is but a Dream: How One Girl Won Over The World by The Internet; edited by Internet, The — Louisville: Kentucky, c. 1990 – 

1. Literally dying – Fashion. 2.  Everyday gal – Cinderella Stories not inc. Hillary Duff. 3. Cannot even – Dealing with this. 4. Nipples – Hint or lack thereof? 5. That face, those gams.

Photo: Ben Hassett and styled by Julia van Boehm via Fashion Gone Rogue


The most enjoyable part of this, Jenny L’s most recent cover for InStyle, is the part when you turn the page. As a contributing editor to the Internet’s hagiographic Jennifer Lawrence archives, I can safely say that I do not enjoy this cover. I do, however, feel amicable toward the accompanying editorial in which Jen wears looks from Dior and Valentino. If I had to liken this spread to a Hunger Games Tribute – and I don’t, I’m just doing it for the sake of tenuous film tie-ins – I’d say it’s the boy from District 9 who gets knifed by Clove straight off the bat in the first part of the trilogy. Nice, but next!

Photo: Michelangelo Di Battista via InStyle


Lawrence looks très chic – like a Dior peplum-swaddled Childlike Empress – on the cover of Madame Figaro’s style issue, the cover for which was released yesterday. In the accompanying editorial, Lawrence remains seated in another look from Dior because you  can’t stand for long in those shoes. Superfluous Hunger Games Tribute reference: Rue :'(

Photo: Daniel Jackson via Madame Figaro


Trade publication curve ball!

Photo via Entertainment Weekly


Though not technically a publication you’d pick up at your local newsagent, Lawrence fronts up for her contractual obligations to the House of Dior to cover the maison’s eponymous bi-annual, in-house Fall-Winter magazine. Shot by Mikael Jansson, Lawrence  wears the house’s signature tailored looks in a black and white spread featured in the third iteration of the magazine, dubiously-dubbed ‘Toward Colour’. This is the Katniss Everdeen of advertorials: it’s bold, it’s a little impersonal, and distinctly unimpressed. It’s everything.

Photo: Mikael Jansson via Fashion Gone Rogue