Alan Jones Has Gone On Pete Evans’ Podcast If You’re Looking To Torture Your Ears For An Hour

Former 2GB host and walking nutsack Alan Jones is the latest guest on Pete Evans‘ podcast, and it’s basically a whole hour ear torture interspersed with Evans occasionally calling Jones “brother”.

You’d think the result of these two making a podcast episode together would be unfettered hysteria – and that’s not necessarily wrong – but the main takeaway after listening to this drivel is that it’s just boring. It’s not even worth listening to for shits and giggles.

“Alan Jones is one of the most respected journalists and news broadcasters in Australia,” Evans said at the beginning, possibly forgetting about his long history of awful comments which even breached broadcasting rules. That should’ve been a giveaway as to what would follow.

Despite being one of Australia’s foremost purveyors of shit takes, Jones began the interview by proactively disassociating himself from some of the pseudoscientific bullshit Evans would inevitably spew later on.

He basically opened with a disclaimer, saying that although he doesn’t share Evans’ views, he is a supporter of free speech and therefore was “very happy” to go on the show.

Disclaimer aside, here are a few choice tidbits which popped up during their discussion among all the anti-lockdown talk:

  • Jones reckons Clive Palmer is apparently the only person defending the Australian constitution, whatever that means
  • He also said Tony Abbott is “a man of infinite ideas”, whatever that means
  • Evans said “this is all a scam” in regards to the pandemic…. whatever. that. means!
  • Evans has a mate who is a cop, which probably leads to some interesting discussions at the pub
  • Jones has this bright idea of rounding up every elderly person in the country and “locking them up” in hotels while international travel is still banned
  • China = bad, Trump = good

It’s almost an hour worth of hollow rhetoric, which is similar to what Jones was broadcasting back when he hosted 2GB.

The difference here is that instead of mainstream advertisers putting a tiny bit of pressure on Jones not say racist and misogynistic shit, we instead have Evans shilling god-knows-what pseudoscientific appliances which promise to cure everything except his own stupidity.

At one point, Evans even sounded as if he were asking Jones for tips on how harness the media to spread the shittest possible opinions to as many people as possible.

“I applaud you and I congratulate you, and I’m so grateful that there’s somebody out there with a voice that’s articulate and intelligent and has been around the block, so to speak, that can deliver a message that penetrates people,” he told Jones, apparently not noticing the unfortunate syntax at the end of the sentence.

It was Alan Jones’ former radio colleague Ray Hadley who, despite his own faults, summed the whole situation up perfectly a week before the episode was released: “The day that Alan Jones is an ally of Pete Evans is the day that we have a problem.”

So, if you’ve been wondering what Alan Jones is up to now that he’s off the radio, and what Pete Evans is up to now that he’s off the TV and fucked off up to Byron Bay, this podcast episode has your answer: not much.