Stunning: That NZ Podcast Episode Feat. Pete Evans & His COVID-19 Conspiracies Has Been Pulled

A controversial NZ podcast episode featuring conspiracy theorist Pete Evans has been yoinked from the system, after receiving a tsunami of backlash.

Wellness podcast Well & Good, hosted by NZ Bachelor alumni Art Green and Matilda Rice, recently uploaded its latest episode featuring Evans. And well, it didn’t take long for punters to call out the podcast for giving Evans a platform to flaunt some of his many harmful theories, like his thoughts on the pandemic: “I think this whole fucking thing is a hoax – not COVID, but the whole pandemic.” You know, the pandemic that has resulted in over 510,000 deaths.

Following the episode’s release, Rice took to Instagram today, stating that the podcasters had been “overwhelmed with feedback, both positive and negative.”

“While we feel that Pete offers some great insight into nutrition,” she added, “we have had a large amount of feedback from the public that some of his opinions and views on health have the potential to case harm.”

“Although we believe in being open to all opinions as a vehicle for learning, we have made the decision to remove the podcast as it is not having the positive outcome that we intended.”

Check out the full statement below.