Alan Jones Wrote COVID-19 Off As The “Health Version Of Global Warming” & Someone Take His Temp

In times of trouble and great uncertainty, conventional wisdom dictates that we defer our judgments and governance to those with the experience and knowledge necessary to give the considered, sage advice necessary to lead the people out of the darkness and into the light. In Australia, however, we simply immediately turn to the dumbest fucking assholes imaginable and hoot like rooting baboons as they say the most putrid shit their grease pan brains can conjure up. To wit: Alan Jones.

Jones, 2GB’s literal million dollar baby, weighed in on the growing COVID-19 pandemic response this morning, despite not a single soul asking him to do so.

Jones took issue with the level of public response, which has seen supermarkets stripped bare and major public gatherings temporarily outlawed across the nation. 2GB, for what it’s worth, placed both Jones and fellow host Ray Hadley in self-isolation due to fears they could easily contract coronavirus.

The 78-year-old windbag stated that “unless I’m moving in different circles, the almost universal reaction I am getting is that we have gone mad. And in this modern world, of the slightest provocation it seems, we revert – in spite of all the money spent on education – we revert to hysteria and alarmism.”

He then stated “We now seem to be facing the health version of global warming – exaggeration in almost everything; certainly in description, and certainly in behaviour.”

Jones’ audience, according to various statistics, is over 50% comprised of people aged 54 and above. Some 47% of it is aged 64 and above, a category that is also at the highest morbidity risk for COVID-19.

At 78-years-old, Jones is in the very upper echelons of that category. And given the slew of high-profile cases the virus has already presented in, wealth, affluence, and a narrow world-view of the forecourt from his throne in the Toaster aren’t gonna do him much good.

Although he’s right in saying it’s sort of like the health version of climate change, in the sense that if we don’t act fast we’ll lose our opportunity to control it.

In that regard, our track record hasn’t been great. You’d wanna hope at least some mistakes have been taken on board.