An Airbnb Host Has Been Dragged Online After Their Cooked ‘Additional Rules’ List Went Viral

With hot girl Euro summer on the horizon, it is inevitable that Airbnb horror stories will pop up left, right and centre. With that being said, behold this fuck off list a resident spotted in their shared home.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but my friend group has been arguing about whether it is worth using Airbnb anymore. Most of the time, the stays are very similar to hotels, but occasionally, we have a host with endless rules. Hosts sometimes have so many demands it feels like you’re vacationing at your parent’s house.

But luckily, I don’t know anyone who has had a terrible list like Reddit user, /u/peachydonut69.

In the infamous subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating, the Reddit user posted a photo of a bonkers list she found that was from her landlord.

In a separate post in another subreddit, r/landlordlove, the user revealed that she was a permanent resident in one of the rooms in the house, and the other rooms were Airbnbs, hence how she came across this fked list.

Anyways, the “additional rules” note begins with: “This is mainly a short stay place, so we don’t expect much luggage with the guest. If you have more than two big items with each guest, you have to keep [sic] in external storage.”

The rules list included the following:

  • “Visitors strictly not allowed without prior permission from me! “
  • “No smoking in the rooms”
  • “No use of washing machine or kitchen for guests staying less than four days.”
  • “Washing machine use only once every four days for long-term guests.”
  • “Leave a clean room/bathroom prior to departure.”
  • “Working or studying from home not allowed” (one rule I agree with, TBH)
  • “WIFI only adequate for making video calls or light internet use”
  • “No cooking or washing machine use for guests staying less than four days”
  • “Toilet roll supplied only on [the] first day.”
  • “Long stayers will have to do their own cleaning and buying rolls on consumables.”
  • “Towels supplied on request.”

WEOW. That’s definitely one heck of a list. The hosts might as well add, “don’t eat, breathe, poop or pee in this rental.”

/u/peachydonut69 explained under the photo that the Airbnb was GBP£25 to £30 (AUD$47.28 to $56.73) for a one night stay, depending on the room size.

The user didn’t specify if these rules were listed on their landlord’s Airbnb page. If it were, I wouldn’t know who would pay to stay here because you can’t even access basic amenities.

People who came across the Reddit entry have pleaded for the user to post the rules on the Airbnb’s reviews section.

A lot of other users also shared their shitty experiences using Airbnb and all the terrible hosts they have encountered through the app.

So far, the user hasn’t provided any updates about the Airbnb or her landlord, but this list definitely has turned me off from using the site.

Back to the hotels I go.