Adam Bandt Becomes The New Cool Dad Of Politics By Ascending To Greens Leadership

Not to be outdone by the chaos over at The National Party, The Greens have announced MP Adam Bandt will be their new leader after the shock resignation of Richard Di Natale.

Taking to Twitter in the aftermath of this morning’s party meeting, Bandt said he’s chuffed to work with Senate leader and current co-deputy and Larissa Waters, along with new co-deputy Nick McKim.

Bandt doubled down on the causes which have defined his political career thus far: a push for more serious emission reduction targets, opposition to the Adani Carmichael project, and Medicare-style ‘Denticare’.

There’s also his insistence on a Green New Deal, an economic and industrial overhaul intended to prevent the worst impacts of climate change while transitioning the economy to a model that won’t eviscerate what’s left.

So that’s that. Di Natale, who will remain in the Senate until the Greens cook up a replacement, is yet to comment on the whole matter.

Amid all of this, Waters has been tweeting about outsized political donations, while McKim was retweeting messages of opposition to Tasmania’s logging industry.

A bit more cohesive than the Nats, hey?